Custom Wood Products

Fireseed Arts Studios can create a wide variety of custom wood products tailored to your requirements. Here are some of the many offerings we have created for our customers. Please contact us for details.

Custom Presentation Awards. We have done custom awards for many organizations. Nothing says "Thank You" like a handsome handmade plaque. These awards were done for a local women's organization promoting minority advancement in the legal profession. All products were made using re-purposed materials.
Custom signs for home or business. We can design, fabricate any type of signage for your home, business or playroom.  House signs of any size and description can be made from our wide range of templates and font. From retro to antique the sky is the limit.
Pet Furniture. From Dog & Cat beds to Bunny Castles, we can supply lovely items for your furry family members. All you need is a sketch and our designers can turn your ideas into reality. We work closely with our customers on all aspects of design.
Custom Coasters. We can make intricate coasters with beautiful wood inlays or simple laser etched pieces. There is no limit to your designs. Laser engraving can offer fine details and a quick turn around. We can engrave most softwoods and hardwoods, paper, leather and cardstock.
Product Models. We can 3D carve product development prototypes and models as well as mold designs. Many companies come to use for our skill in 3 dimensional CNC fabrication and quick development cycles. 
Custom Products. These modular desk organizers were engineered and fabricated in house on our high-precision CNC machines.  This "Blox" Kickstarter was funded in under a week and deliveries commenced soon after. We delivered over 2000 hardwood pieces!
Kids Stuff. Have a special niece or nephew? Need something for the grandkids? We can make all kinds of special, hand-crafted toys and games. Just ask our designers.
Anything from name games to pull toys can be personalized with your child's name or favorite characters, and everything is made from non-toxic materials.
Custom furniture and fixtures. Need something special for your home or workplace. We can make anything from countertops to tables to wall hangings. 
This custom coat rack was made as a gift for a Karate Masters Dojo. Made of all reclaimed cedar and oak, it is a striking example of our designers work.
Custom Artwork. We are proud to do commissioned art pieces that are eye-catching and tell a story. Commissioned pieces can be very simple to very elaborate. This carving of a Great Blue Heron was requested to adorn the offices of a local town hall. The heron represents the abundant waterlife in our area's rivers and byways.